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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Process is Done If You Will Be The Cord Blood Bank Customers

The Process is Done If You Will Be The Cord Blood Bank Customers - Back in this beloved blog http://bankingcordbloods.blogspot.com/ who always review the umbilical cord blood. If you are wondering about the cord blood and want to know about cord blood, you have to read every article I share to you. This time we share about the process that is carried out if you will be a cord blood bank customers. Not so much to do, but you should really look that you better understand. Try to consider the following:

1. Before Childbirth
Long before the birth took place, a gear box will be given to the family concerned. This box contains medical supplies such as blood bags, tubes and maternal blood samples. The equipment needed by the medical team involved in the delivery to take the cord blood. During labor, this box must be submitted to the doctor or nurse who is involved in the delivery.

2. Taking Procedure
Immediately after birth, umbilical cord will be clamped at two places and cut between them. Then the doctor or midwife will drain the blood from the umbilical cord into the blood bag which has a special barcode. In addition to cord blood, maternal blood samples should also be taken within 7 days before or after delivery to be tested against a variety of infectious diseases.

3. Processing
After the blood from the umbilical cord of his mother and his mother obtained, gear box will be submitted to the laboratories of the cord blood bank. The identity of umbilical cord blood will be verified through the barcode, and the blood was transferred to a storage area biohazard. A small amount of blood will be extracted to separate the red blood cells, white blood cells and blood plasma.

Its main purpose is to maintain and take as many stem cells. Of about 60-80 milliliters of blood taken is usually found around 600-800 million stem cells. Stem cells are then stored in a special bag that can last a long time.

4. Storage
After processing is complete, the stem cell in a special bag will gradually frozen in a freezer at a controlled temperature. The temperature was lowered 1-2 degrees Celsius per minute to maintain the feasibility of stem cells. When it reaches the optimal freezing temperature, stem cells and then transferred into a cryogenic storage tank containing liquid nitrogen vapor.

With temperatures below -190 degrees Celsius resulting liquid nitrogen, a power outage or mechanical failure will not affect the feasibility of stem cells stored in it. In this condition, the stem cells can last up to 1,000 years and can be used at any time.

Above is a series of explanations that we review from multiple sources indirectly. We think the above is quite clear and can give you an idea of how and what kind of cord blood banks. If there are some questions that you provide will be on leave in the comments field. Do not forget to press the G + and share it with friends or your friends so that they better understand the importance of umbilical cord blood. Thank You

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