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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Storing Cord Blood Is An Alternative To Health Insurance.

Storing Cord Blood Is An Alternative To Health Insurance. - Back again with us in http://bankingcordbloods.blogspot.com/ who always talks about cord blood. This time we will discuss about storing cord blood. Why should it be stored? Be useful for us? Listen below.
As the title that we provide, store cord blood is an alternative health insurance for the future. Most of them let the blood from the umbilical cord just in waste or in the tomb. Whereas blood from the umbilical cord can be stored and later will be useful to cure the disease if the baby suffering from a particular disease.

According to scientists, the umbilical cord blood contains hematopoetic stem cells (HSCs) or blood-forming stem cells. In addition to the umbilical cord, HSCs was also found in bone marrow and peripheral blood.

Stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood has several advantages compared to bone marrow or peripheral blood. Stem cells from umbilical cord younger and pure. In addition, because it has been kept since the beginning, more readily available if needed because it does not need to be a donor.

What diseases can be cured with stem cells?

According to some experts today stem cells has been widely used in treating blood cancers, such as leukemia, neuroblastoma, or lymphoma.

Do only that which can be cured with stem cells?

No, because in the future, stem cells can be used for degenerative diseases such as heart disease and stroke could possibly be done.

How do blood sampling but the center?

Cord blood collection procedure performed immediately after the baby is born. According to Rama, after a few minutes, the umbilical cord will be clamped and a needle is inserted into a vein in the umbilical cord to take the blood and put into a special bag. Prosedut is not at all painful or risky for babies and ibu.Setelah making process is completed, within 48 hours, the blood will be processed and stored in blood banks. The blood will be used if the patient at a later suffering from diseases of the blood or in adulthood suffer from degenerative diseases.

How much the cost of cord blood banking?

For a fee, in Indonesia is Rp 1.5 million per year if you do through Cordlife. Very promising investment health is not just out of money.

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